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Barefoot Huaraches are the closest thing to bare feet you can get! Based on the Tarahumaran (Raramuri) design for huaraches sandals which are often made of tire rubber in the Copper Canyons of Mexico. It’s time for the Earth and you to get reacquainted! The newly discovered benefits associated with bare feet are immense. These sandals are ultra-light, and easily packable as back up flip-flops. Did we mention you can run in these sandals?

Your Barefoot Huaraches are 100% guaranteed for 365 days!

“Wow, the best money I’ve ever spent in footwear period.” — Nathan


Reasons to own Barefoot Huaraches:

Reason #1. Barefoot Huaraches are seriously comfortable sandals. Our barefoot sandals offer the closest feeling to the Earth that are still practical, usable and durable. These sandals are very thin, will take some getting used to.

“Great pair of sandals… Super comfortable” — alwaysbarefoot

“I absolutely love these sandals, they feel like I am barefooted, great buy.” — Andrew

“Like walking barefoot.” — James

Reason #2. Barefoot Huaraches are sandals that are good for you. Using minimalist footwear instead of thick-cushioned shoes activates the muscles of the feet and calves. One customer who was into body building reported +1 inch calf muscle gains after wearing his huaraches for 3 months! Having such a close connection to the ground allows for an extremely close connection with the Earth through the numerous sensory nerves on your feet! A lot of research suggests that treading barefoot or with minimalist shoes is in fact better than wearing thick-cushioned shoes with arch support. In architecture, does an arch need something underneath it providing support?

“Love my size 11 huaraches which tied easily per the video and walked several miles today. I wear sandals 90% of the year – these are so superior to sandals that I don’t think I’ll wear them as much now. I am going to order another pair right now with the much more fashionable green tie (black originally) so maybe they will get a little bit of attention as well. Thanks [...] for a great product[...]. I’m a physician and don’t put a lot of trust in traditional health care advice on shoes or orthotics or much else. Keep up the great work and product![...]” –David

Reason #3. Barefoot Huaraches are versatile sandals. Huarache wearers all seem to have an adventurous spirit. Many of our customers are trail runners or backpackers, taking their sandals running and scaling mountains. Others are casual movie goers that want something comfy for a 2.5 hour flick. Very packable and ultra-light, great as a water sandal, yet can be worn out in public as a night gown sandal. Barefoot Huaraches follow you everywhere!

“perfect sandals, size fits, lets go running, thanxxxxx” — Mittel

Reason #4. Barefoot Huaraches are extremely durable sandals. Barefoot Huaraches are made of Vibram rubber, arguably the best rubber in the business. The cord on our rope sandals is made of 100% nylon rated at 400 lbs strength (1.8kN). Maybe strong enough to save your life one day, measuring at 6 feet of length per sandal. Because you will be treading lighter due to less protection associated with these sandals, you will also be less tough on them as you walk and run around like a panther cat!

Reason #5. Barefoot Huaraches are ultra-light sandals. There is an old saying on the trail, “A pound on foot is like five on the back.” Your feet are the part of your body that you move the most throughout walking everyday. Our sandals weigh in from 8 oz a pair up to 20 oz a pair, depending on the size of your feet and thickness of rubber sole. You will be hard-pressed to find a lighter sandal than Barefoot Huaraches!

Don’t just take our word for it, people love Barefoot Huaraches:

“Nice sandals, great communication – Thanks a million!” — Mag and Dan

“Excellent service, prompt delivery, very pleased, a MUST HAVE product!” — Lynton

“Love the sandals! Quick shippiing! Highly recommended! :) — Phil

“Affordable barefoot kicks for the MARSOC/Camp Lejeune Marines!! Thank you!” — Gia

Benefits of going barefoot:

Benefit #1. Strength. Walking and running barefoot serves as an excellent means to strengthen your leg muscles, tendons and joints, which are out of use when you are in thick-cushioned shoes.

Benefit #2. Finesse. Going barefoot causes you to move like a panther cat: light, fast, and calculating. This will result in less impact on your feet, and all of your body’s many joints and muscles. A study performed by Harvard University, found here, seems to confirm this statement.

Benefit #3. Energy Conservation. Barefoot running has been shown to use approximately 5% less energy than running with shoes (Divert et al., 2005; Squadrone and Gallozzi, 2009). Running barefoot is known to increase stamina, stability and also protect the foot from injuries.

Benefit #4. Circulation. Going barefoot helps to improve your blood circulation, as barefoot walking exercises various muscles in the legs and the feet.

Benefit #5. Alignment. Going barefoot helps to correct your posture and promotes equal weight distribution, which eases the strain off the spine and aligns the body in the process. Yoga is practiced barefoot to help with alignment.

Benefit #6. Stimulation. Going barefoot stimulates the 200,000+ nerve endings present on the soles and tips of our toes. Walking barefoot ensures that at least 80% of your foot stays in contact with ground, which allows us to interact with support more efficiently, place the body weight on the foot more precisely, thereby improving your bodily equilibrium.

Benefit #7. Regulation. Going barefoot can improve the body’s temperature regulation due to the adaptation to the lower outside temperature.

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